Tina Fey - Tina Fey Doesn't Fall For George Clooney's Matt Damon Prank

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Golden Globes co-host Tina Fey has managed to outsmart George Clooney after seeing through a note he sent as Matt Damon, criticising an awards show joke she made at the The Bourne Identity star's expense.

The 30 Rock comedienne and her fellow Globes presenter Amy Poehler poked fun at a host of famous faces at the Los Angeles prizegiving last month (Jan14), calling out Leonardo DiCaprio for his penchant for dating models, Clooney for his love of younger women, and they branded Damon "a garbage man" compared to the Hollywood heavyweights at the event.

Prankster Clooney decided to use the incident to tease Fey, but he had no idea the actress was waiting for his practical joke.

He explains, "I got stationery made up that says Matt Damon, so it's Matt Damon's stationery. So I sent Tina a note saying, 'Look, I know it sounds hypocritical because I laughed at the George and Leo jokes, because they're kinda known for that, but you called me a garbage man and it just seems like an easy joke and I don't want an apology, but my kid calls me a garbage man now...

"And then Tina sent Matt, who knows nothing about this, she sends him two giant baskets of fruit with letter number one, and letter number two."

Picking up the story, Damon continues, "I'm going, 'What is this?' so I open letter number one and it's this apology from Tina and Amy...

"Letter number two says, 'Dear Matt, if your note is part of some George Clooney prank, as I very strongly suspect it is, you A-List amateurs are gonna have to step it the f**k up... We are not some easily confused starlets you're dealing with here, we're grown a** professional comediennes. Please accept this fruit as a token of our sincerity. Best wishes, Elizabeth Tina Fey, Amy 'Boston' Poehler.'

"I immediately knew what had happened... I have no idea how many letters are out there, (or) for how many people. I'm gonna get apology letters from people..."

Clooney is still plotting his revenge on Fey and Poehler. He states, "I'm doing something that I'm actually ashamed of, that's going to hurt them."


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