Wade Robson - Wade Robson Calls For Michael Jackson Molestation List

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Choreographer Wade Robson has filed legal papers demanding the release of the names of all the boys who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them as he continues to fight the King of Pop's estate amid allegations he was an assault victim.

Robson claims he was repeatedly molested as a kid by Jackson and now it seems he's taking names of all the others who have accused the late pop superstar of sexual misconduct.

He has filed a claim with the estate administrators asking for money as a result of allegedly being molested between the ages of seven and 14, and in new legal documents, obtained by Tmz.com, he is also demanding the release of the names of all the other people who have alleged sexual misconduct, any settlements involving molestation that have not yet been made public and any evidence of seduction, such as giving children wine.

The administrators have responded by stating the info Robson has asked for is privileged.

The dancer testified on behalf of the Thriller hitmaker at his 2005 child molestation trial, but has since changed his story and claims Jackson molested him for seven years when he was a child. He insists he was brainwashed by the singer to defend him in court.

A trial has been set for June (14) to determine whether or not Robson's claim against Jackson's estate has any merit.

Representatives for the estate argue that Robson's bid is too far past the deadline for claims and is undermined by the fact the singer is now deceased.


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rosemary moly gomes


9 months 2 days ago
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Brandon Penny's picture

Brandon Penny

WELL HE WOULD BE MORE BELIEVABLE IF... IF - *He wasn't suing for $30 million dollars IF - *He didn't come out with these allegations in the same month his former employer AEG was being sued by Katherine Jackson. IF - *He didn't work for AEG (worked for them in the past) IF - *He didn't have a lawyer who had connections to AEG IF - *He didn't invite MJ to his wedding and didn't get pissed that MJ didn't come (never heard of an 'abused' victim getting upset b/c their alleged abuser didn't come to their wedding IF - *The families from the two cases didn't have shady histories IF - *He didn't invite MJ to his Barbeque (which MJ did attend) IF - *He didn't have an unwavering confidence in the cross examination during the 2005 trial (had he been abused it would have eventually come out in one way or another during the cross examination). IF - *He was still working and didn't need money IF - *He didn't talk so glowingly about his "alleged abuser" after his death and wasn't crying at his alleged abuser's funeral. IF - *He didn't write a beautiful letter in his alleged abuser's Opus Book where he called MJ his "Friend and Mentor" IF - *If he didn't boast about his choreographer gig for the MJ Immortal tour that he THOUGHT he was going to get but ended up getting passed over for Jamie King. IF - *He came out with the allegations earlier (say right after MJ died or while MJ was alive would have been better)... *IF - He didn't use MJ's name at every chance to open up doors that might have otherwise been closed IF - *He didn't continue associating with MJ's family after he died (including dating one his niece's). IF - *We weren't used to hearing people make up stories up to sell them for cash to the tabloids (many people were paid $$$$ over the past 20+ years to lie on Michael Jackson). IF - *He and his mother didn't defend MJ for the past 20 years and didn't testify twice for him! *IF - The FBI followed MJ for years and found something but they found NOTHING. Even the crooked DA Tom Sneddon who was behind all the malay dating back to 1993 couldn't find anything and he searched the whole world for other 'abused' victims; he FOUND NO ONE. He even set up an international hotline and NO ONE CALLED IN. These are some of the things you and other people fail to take into account. Also, many lawyers also find his story B.S. b/c of the things I mentioned and of course b/c MJ's estate has earned millions since his death and also his son has autism and he needs money.?

9 months 3 days ago
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m.j. lover and believer 4 life's picture

m.j. lover and ...

LOL Because he got shit on MJ ROTFL............. Keep Trying Robber..... Maybe sometime you will get NADA DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Case isn't going no where.

9 months 4 days ago
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