David And Victoria Beckham's Marriage Woes

David And Victoria Beckham's Marriage Woes

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The fairytale marriage of DAVID and Victoria Beckham is thought to have hit trouble as the pair struggle to come to terms with their new life in Spain.

Friends and family of the couple are extremely concerned that a rift between the pair, who are parents to sons Brooklyn and ROMEO, is widening at a rapid pace, according to numerous reports in the British press today (21SEP03).

A pal tells the NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper, "There are real tensions in the marriage for the first time. The family hope they can be resolved before it gets out of control."

Soccer ace David, who has transferred from Britain's Manchester United to Spain's Real Madrid this Summer (03), has told friends, "I love her more than anything but things are ropey at the moment. It's as if at times we are leading separate lives."

Friends of the stars believe David is frustrated his wife is reluctant to move to Madrid permanently, and the lonely nights he spends in his hotel room mean he is pining for his wife and sons more than he would have otherwise.

The friend continues, "There are pressures and David is feeling it hard because it is the first time there have been the slightest differences between him and Victoria. But a split is not imminent."

Hunky David has been heard saying, "I'm so lonely. It's very difficult trying to speak to her because of the time differences. I don't know why she needs to be away that often. I don't know what to do. It puts me in an awkward situation.

"I'm worried about the boys. I know our parents help all the time but all that travelling must tire them out."

However, while David is fearing the tragic demise of his marriage, former SPICE GIRL Victoria has been out partying in London with her new collaborator, hip-hop producer Damon Dash.

An eyewitness saw the two names in the Ministry of Sound club on Friday (19SEP03) and says, "Victoria seemed really relaxed. There was champagne on hand for Damon and his mates. But Victoria stuck to DIET COKE. She looked stunning."

The following night (20SEP03) she was seen at a launch party for ROCAWEAR UK, Dash's clothing range which POSH is modelling for.

21/09/2003 21:01

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i think the british press is part of the beckhams problem.becuase they lack stories for their magazines they find the smallest mistake in a celebrity like david and victoria and tell the world. i think they should be left alone, even the jounalist who wrote the stories i am sure they come from xtra broken homes. magazines like CLOSER should go out of business becuase they never have something meaningful to write. they lack stories so much that they had to write about the way beckham is always carrying his kids insted of leting them walk.
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