Willie Nelson Eyes Netherlands Move To Skirt Drug Ban

Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson Eyes Netherlands Move To Skirt Drug Ban

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Country music icon Willie Nelson is planning to buy a home in the Netherlands so he will still be able to purchase pot in the country when officials outlaw 'drug tourism' next year (13).
Dutch authorities are rolling out new legislation to ban the sale of marijuana to non-residents in a bid to crack down on smuggling from the country, famed for its tolerant narcotics policy.
The ban is due to hit Amsterdam - the cannabis capital of the world - in 2013, and notorious dope smoker Nelson has vowed to buy a home in the city to qualify as a resident.
Discussing the crackdown, he tells Mojo magazine, "That's too bad. But maybe the local businesses will raise enough hell to keep that from happening."
Asked if he will boycott the Netherlands if the ban becomes law, he replies, "No. I'll just rent me an apartment when I go over there so I'll be a resident. Or if I have to, I'll buy a place."

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