Winona Ryder Blasts 'Homophobic' Mel Gibson

Winona Ryder - Winona Ryder Blasts 'Homophobic' Mel Gibson

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Winona Ryder has branded Mel Gibson "homophobic" and "anti-Semitic".

The 'Black Swan' actress had an encounter with the disgraced Hollywood star some years ago at a party where he made offensive jokes about gay people and Jews.

Winona - who is Jewish - said: "I remember, like, fifteen years ago, I was at one of those big Hollywood parties. And he was really drunk. I was with my friend, who's gay. He made a really horrible gay joke.

"And somehow it came up that I was Jewish. He said something about 'oven dodgers,' but I didn't get it. I'd never heard that before. It was just this weird, weird moment. I was like, 'He's anti-Semitic and he's homophobic.' No one believed me!"

Winona - who was arrested for shoplifting in 2001 -admitted she struggled to cope with her fame and had a "semi-breakdown" when she was 23. She also revealed there was a time when she began to rely too heavily on prescription drugs

The 39-year-old actress told America's GQ magazine: "I got really wiped out, and I had a semi-breakdown. I wasn't sleeping, I didn't know who I was because of different roles.

"Those things. I think they're more powerful than people think. People think, 'Oh, heroin's the hardest,' but pills can be...

"I broke my arm in two places. For about a month, I had to take it. But then I just kept taking it for, like... maybe three more weeks. But the thing I do remember is that once my arm was OK and they were still there, you kind of like... "

Earlier this year, recordings allegedly of Mel were leaked in which he made a racist and abusive rant during an argument with former girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA.

In 2006, Mel was arrested for drink driving and stunned police with an anti-Semitic rant.

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Like if that lame pseudo actrivce knwon as cleptomaniac, could ever reckon what hse idd and said 15 eyars ago, in her rush of alcoholism and drugs..what a lame ebign she is to coem wihthtis jsut to get publicity.Mel Gibson at a party in 1995?? scuse me but he was in Scotland at that time shooting BRAVEHEART! so its totaly impossible. and she was always drunk at parties so how can she rememebr a thing and if it was true she will have said it a long long time ago. she is a lier and a piece of!all she could ever do was to suck d.icks to get a role in a movie. She isnot tlaneted , selfish, and full of selfpity rancor and frustration and jealousy over to have never made it.she was given more thna 100 chance to make it and ot redeem and she blew it lal al the time. If she think she is going to gain points by coming with that kind of outrageosu lies she can think again. they are already tlakign very bad of her behind her back in holywod and that latest stunt didnt went unoticed.. in a very negativ way. Cheap way to try to gain points on someone who deserve respect, honor, and gratitude like Mel Gibson! a wonderfull direcotr and so talented actor. and so good and generous person! She jsut cant digest that he refused to give her role and always rejected her at castings.. Truth must be told, she is too mediocre to even coem in consideration.Miss stolen jewelries and stolen fame. thats her name. in 6 months from now you will regret this as the dumbest thing you ever did and said in your lifetime.You better come wiht a dementi pretty soon.. soem people are after yoru neck for defamation and are interested to know the name of that alusive gay who was allegedly with you at that encounter.. OOOPS! now you are in real trouble dude!
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