Prince Frederic Von Anhalt Wins Gabor Conservatorship

Zsa Zsa Gabor - Prince Frederic Von Anhalt Wins Gabor Conservatorship

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Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt has been granted temporary conservatorship of the ailing actress' affairs.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz put the European royal in charge of Gabor's finances for six months during a hearing on Wednesday (11Jul12), announcing she would evaluate his efforts in January (13).
Von Anhalt's legal representative told the court the actress, who has battled poor health for the past 18 months, is confined to bed and she's "unable to hear or see clearly, unable to respond or answer questions, becomes agitated when outside of familiar environment."
The court ruling ends a legal battle between Von Anhalt and Gabor's daughter Constance Hilton, who filed a petition in March (12) seeking conservatorship. Both attended the hearing, but did not address the court.

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There is no victory for Frederick vonAnhalt! On the contrary. Francesca Hilton has won her right to see her mother unconditionally, Vonanhalt has to give monthly financial reports of Zsa Zsa's assets (bank accounts and spending)to the Court, and he cannot continue his spending behavior declaring imaginary powers of attorney. What part of this does he think is a victory for himself? Francesca got what she wanted-and so did Zsa Zsa. Congratulations to Mother & Daughter. Edward Lozzi
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